Our kitchen is the characteristic that distinguishes us. For meals, in fact, guests gather around the large communal table, to taste our traditional dishes, simple and tasty, which promote a warm and harmonious. During meals becomes spontaneous sharing recipes and tips and, occasionally, the same customers revel in the preparation of their recipes.



On our farm pigs are raised outdoors, free to roam in the woods, and fed on natural foods. The result of this choice is excellent meat, tasty and appetizing, that enrich the table. The numerous barbecues on the large fireplace, roasts, sausages and stews exalt the salon, stimulating the appetite. Salami, sausage meat and liver, and barbozza bacon, ham, capicola and cup, accompanied by bruschetta and our cakes, cheese, and text, create an atmosphere of conviviality and typical hospitality of rural households. In addition to the delicious meat, the table is enriched by vegetables grown organically in our garden. It 'also possible to buy our products.

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